How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm?

Posted by Prashant on August 27, 2011 in Google,SEO

Google Search algorithm is designed in a way to give the best results for the users and every year hundreds of changes are made to this algorithm. Recently Google shared the idea behind the Google Search and how it makes improvements to its search algorithm. Below are the few main points that are discussed in the video from Google.

How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm?

  • Every year Google implements over 500 improvements to its search algorithms
  • Ideas are tested with rigorous scientific testing
  • External Raters are used to test whether one ranking is higher quality than another for a particular search query
  • Changes are confirmed by live testing on real Users
  • Small amount of Google traffic is redirected to Sandbox
  • Launch decision meeting is done to decide whether the idea should be implemented in Google Search.

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