Automatically Scroll Long Web Page [How To]

Posted by Prashant on April 14, 2012 in Browsers,How To

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In another article we explained how to enable full screen on your browsers so that you can maximize the reading areas on your computer. Now if the article is very long like a wikipedia page or any research blog entry then you would need to scroll up and down after reading a couple of paragraphs and sometimes it does gets annoying when you just want to relax and read the article.

To add comfort to your reading, Scrolly Fox automatically scrolls down long web pages and can also scroll up (need to enable the setting). Scrolly Fox is a Firefox extension which can be installed from here. Once you install the extension, you can configure the rate of scrolling as well as start  Reverse scrolling at end of page.

You can also enable other action that the extension should take once it reaches end of the page. Available options are Stop Scrolling, Return to the top of the page or Reload the page. By default the Rate of scrolling is set to 50 which you can set to a value which is best suited to reading speed.

Now NO more scrolling down to read your favorite blog/website, just enable ScrollyFox, sit back and Relax.

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