Posted by Apurva on April 17, 2014 in Offer

If you’re an American Express card holder – you have a great opportunity to make a purchase at iTunes, which you’ve been postponing just because it is paid and not free. Amex will issue you a statement credit of $5 on a purchase of $5 or more when using your Amex card. The offer expires 4/30, so you still have a few more days to go. $5 Credit Offer details: Offer valid only for iTunes purchases; not valid for any other purchasesRead More...


Posted by Apurva on April 16, 2014 in How To

If you have not realized it yet – videos start playing automatically in Facebook (in mute). Apart from this Facebook recently introduced auto-playing video ads on desktop and mobile. Disabling the auto play of videos on Facebook when using a desktop or a computer is easy. Logon to Facebook, head to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and go to Settings -> Videos. You can also click here to go straight there. Next to the AuRead More...


Posted by Apurva on April 13, 2014 in Games

Minecraft, the ultra popular game, which has sold more than 14 million copies on PC and over 35 million copies across all platforms has also received tons of awards. Some of the prestigious awards include five awards from the 2011 Game Developers Conference: it was awarded the Innovation Award, Best Downloadable Game Award, and the Best Debut Game Award from the Game Developers Choice Awards; and the Audience Award, as well as the Seumas McNally Read More...


Posted by Apurva on April 10, 2014 in iPhone

Sometimes the solution to your problem lies in what seems obvious. Your iPhone battery drains out pretty quickly and you know the obvious reason – you use the Facebook app a lot. But what may not know if that there is a way to reduce the battery drain caused by the Facebook app and make your iPhone battery last longer. Having previously been pinpointed as a drain by German iOS app developer Sebastian Düvel, now former Apple Genius Bar emplRead More...




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Posted by Apurva on April 2, 2014 in Personal Finance

There are many personal finance websites and tools available, but there is none when it comes to personalization of the same. Because no two person can have the same income and expense in each category, it is a challenge to understand and make sense of the suggestions and incorporate them in your personal life. Adding to the pain is the fact that there are so many spending options that balancing personal budgets is a tedious and time-consuming prRead More...


Posted by Apurva on April 1, 2014 in Facebook,Productivity

Are you guilty of spending too much time on Facebook and not attending to matters which are of higher importance? Well, here is some help. You can use Facebook shortcuts to cut short the time you spend in Facebook. Whether you decide to spend that time doing something else or spending the additional time in Facebook – it is your choice. You can use these handy Facebook keyboard shortcuts for quickly getting around the social networking siteRead More...


Posted by Apurva on March 31, 2014 in Mac,Productivity

We’ve been compiling a list of shortcuts and cheatsheets to help you become productive by doing your work efficiently and quickly. Keyboard shortcuts save a ton of time, but it takes time to get used to them. Once you start using keyboard shortcuts, it can be tough to imagine life without them. If you want to get them on board with keyboard shortcuts, print out this handy cheat sheet so they always have it around for quick reference. Most oRead More...


Posted by Apurva on March 31, 2014 in How To,iPhone

There is an interesting trick for your iPhone if you would like to see the signal strength as number instead of usual bars. What you will see when you do this trick is a negative number indicating the decibels referenced to one mill watt (dBm) rather than a signal bar and is performed in the Field Test Mode. Why you need this trick to see phone signal strength as number? You can use this trick toread the numbers so that you can understand what isRead More...



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