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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Apple’s annual back to school promotion is back! Starting Thursday (July 23), you’d be able to get a free pair of Beats Solo2 headphones alongside certain purchases under the same promotion. The promotion is available in U.S. Apple Stores from July 23 to September 18 and is available in the U.S. Apple online store from August 6 to September 18. When you purchase eitherRead More...


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Long Tail Pro v3 is available at a 70% discount till today only. Take this opportunity to grab the keyword research software that is an absolute darling of internet marketers. Here is a 10 minute video on Long Tail Pro v3:   Features of Long Tail Pro v3: Search Multiple Seed Keywords At Once Pre-Filter Keywords Real-time Filtering (filter as you type) Up to 800 keywords per idea Automatically check domain availability Google and Bing Read More...


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Apple Music comes with a free 3 months trial and auto-renewal is enabled by default. After 3 months of trial, you will be billed every month @ $9.99 in case of an individual and $14.99 for family. 3 months is a very generous period to try out a service and if you don’t like the service or don’t use the service as often as you’d like to, it is best to turn-off the auto-renew feature and turn if on when you’re sure you want Read More...


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My Music world changed when Apple launched Apple Music. Apple Music has evolved to be unlike other Apple products – it has become complex! Those who have already updated their iPhones and iPads to the latest version of iOS will see their old Music app has changed to prominently feature Apple Music instead of “Your Music”. It has become more of what Apple wants you to listen rather than what you want to listen. It is great for thRead More...



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If you watch a video in Netflix – it will show up under “Continue Watching” list in your Netflix account. In older Netflix apps, a recently watched video used to show up under “Recently Watched” list of a Netflix account. When you share a Netflix account with your family, it is not always that you want a recently watched movie or series to show up in the list, which others can also see. Unfortunately Netflix does notRead More...


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Audiobooks have been a huge game changer. Those who don’t like to read can now easily listen to audiobooks. You can now listen (or read) audiobooks while driving, while working out, while carrying out your daily chores and running errands. Isn’t that a great use of your time? You can now increase your productivity manifold. Say, you borrowed a set of audio CDs from your nearest library. You don’t have to stick around a computer Read More...


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You probably never realized it, but whatever you search in Facebook – it gets saved. There are many unimaginable things which can go wrong if your account gets hacked or you forget to logoff properly from your Facebook account when using a shared or public computer. Facebook stores your search history because it helps them show you better results when you search. Additionally, only you can see your searches. In these days of piracy concernsRead More...


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Microsoft Windows has had quite a few drastic changes to way startup programs are managed. Though hard to imagine, but it was Windows Vista, which started to provide a useful interface to manage the startup programs. Microsoft removed it from Windows 7, forcing users to rely on more old-fashioned utilities. Then Windows 8 had a surprising and an even better solution for this problem. If you have a habit of installing and uninstalling a lot of prRead More...



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